Upcoming changes to H1B filings in 2020

Beginning in April 2020 there will be changes to the H1B application process. An electronic registration system will be implemented which will have a shorter version of the application. This will streamline the process for companies to complete applications. If a prospective applicant is selected only then will they be required to complete a full registration form.

Last year, out of 200,000 applications only 85,000 were selected. However all 200,000 applicants had to complete the entire lengthy application. This new system will make it much The second change of the final rule has to do with how the lottery is conducted. Be very careful here, as the changes are somewhat subtle and there is a lot of malarkey being written across the internet about it.

The second change affects the manner in which the lottery system will be run. Presently, in the H-1B program, there are two pools of applicants, the regular pool (65,000 cap) and the advanced degree pool (20,000 cap). Currently the advanced degree holders bid only their pool and if they are not selected they are put into the regular pool. Now this process will be inverted, by which the regular pool applicants are chosen first, which includes those with advanced degrees. Then if an advanced degree candidate is not selected, they will then have a second opportunity to be in the advanced degree pool.

What this translates to statistically is that the success rate for advanced degree holders increases to 55 % (compared to 51% under the prior system), while the success rate for regular applicants drops from 38% to 32 %. The reasoning behind this is that USCIS wishes to place additional emphasis on selecting advanced degree holders.

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