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Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Immigration Law When you contact our offices to discuss your immigration needs, you will receive personalized attention from legal professionals with over twenty years of combined legal experience. We efficiently manage your case from beginning to end and are easily… Read More

Citizenship & Naturalization

For some, naturalization is a deeply-felt, emotional experience. For others, it is a paper-pushing exercise. Becoming a U.S. citizen involves commitment, and each person has his or her own view of their connection to the national community. Naturaliz… Read More

Greencard Process

A green card, or permanent resident card, is the most common pathway to U.S. citizenship. A green card gives you the status of a permanent resident along with legal rights to work in the U.S. Once you have a green card, you may apply for U.S. citizen… Read More

Non-Immigrant Work Visas

Most individuals and companies utilizing the services of Ahmad & Associates in a nonimmigrant context are seeking nonimmigrant employment visas. These visas and documents provide foreign nationals with the necessary authorization to work and earn… Read More

E-2 Visa Requirements & Eligibility

An E-2 visa is available to foreign nationals who wish to develop and direct the operations of a business in the United States. This visa is a great option for those who want to start a business. It allows you to legally work in the invested company… Read More

H-1B Visas

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa designed to allow U.S. employers to recruit and employ foreign professionals in specialty occupations to work in the U.S. for specified periods of time. To qualify for an H-1B visa, the sponsoring employer and po… Read More


To obtain permission to work, an H-4 spouse of an H-1B visa holder must file an application for employment authorization (Form I-765), along with the proper filing fee. This will have to be accompanied by proof that the applicant holds H-4 status and… Read More

Employment-Based Permanent Residence

Permanent residence is intended for individuals who are working and living permanently in the United States. There are numerous methods by which an immigrant can obtain permanent residence, including through employer-based sponsorship, sponsorship by… Read More

The Labor Certification Process

The Employment and Training Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) issues labor certifications. This is a procedure by which the DOL determines that there are insufficient U.S. workers who are able, willing, qualified, and available to… Read More

Marriage & Family-Based Visas

Certain American citizens and lawful permanent residents (LPRs) may sponsor close relatives for immigration to the United States. Family-based immigration involves a two- or three-step procedure. In some cases, the steps are consolidated. However, th… Read More

Immigration Court and Bond Hearings

If you have been placed in removal proceedings, your immigration case becomes procedurally more formal and the stakes become much higher. You can apply for several different forms of relief if you have been placed in removal proceedings for some reas… Read More

Political Asylum or Asylum Based on Other Grounds

An individual in the U.S., or upon admission to the U.S., may apply for asylum if they have been or believe they will be persecuted by their home country’s government, or individuals from their country. To create grounds for asylum, the persecution… Read More

I-601 and I-601A Hardship Waivers

Immigration law considers some individuals to be “inadmissible”, so some people need to obtain a waiver, or permission from USCIS, before they can qualify to become a permanent resident. Individuals need a waiver for various reasons including cer… Read More

Student Visas

If you would like to study as a full-time student in the United States, you will need a student visa. There are two nonimmigrant visa categories for persons wishing to study in the United States. These visas are commonly known as the F and M visas. Y… Read More

Work Permits

In order to work in the United States, a person must provide evidence that they are eligible to work. If you are a U.S. Citizen then you only need proof of citizenship status in order to work. If you are a permanent resident then you can work with yo… Read More

Divorce and Immigration Consequences

Can you get divorced if you are already a Permanent Resident? If you have already obtained your 10-year (permanent) Green Card, before your divorce, then you should not face any difficulty in obtaining your Citizenship. However, please note that beca… Read More
Federal Criminal Defense

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal Criminal Defense Ahmad & Associates serve clients throughout the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area as well as Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. We believe that handling sensitive legal matters in a respectful, discreet manner provides our clients an invalua… Read More

Federal Crime of Illegal Reentry

If you know someone who has been deported before and he or she has re-entered the United States, they may face criminal charges of Illegal Reentry. There are a variety of reasons why someone previously deported or denied admission to the U.S. may nee… Read More
Immigration Appeals

Immigration Appeals

Immigration Appeals If you or someone you know has lost their immigration court hearing, or whose immigration application has been denied, they can appeal the decision. Our immigration appeals lawyers handle appeals of all types of immigration matters — from deportati… Read More